Quadbiking Tours


Did you know that the correct name for a quad is an ATV – all terrain vehicle. The ATV was developed by the American Military to do exactly that – to go where no other vehicle has gone before. The idea of a high speed performance quad only developed later. We at Africa Shark Dive Safari use quads for its original purpose i.e. to access terrain and areas rarely travelled.

Our challenging two hour trail takes you through a section of Platbos, which is an unique indigenous forest. From there we proceed to our first look-out point where you will have a view of Uilkraal Valley.

We then descend down the mountain into a valley before we start climbing to the top of Mount Dyer from where you will be riding through pristine fynbos.

For the adventurous we do a mountain trip at night.

No experience needed. Basic training given. Children welcome!



Helmets are provided and must be worn. We then do a detailed run down on the controls of the vehicles before starting with our basic training session. The idea is to make sure that you have good enough control of the vehicle to take on the trail.

The interesting fact is that the ability of the riders before and after the trail is worlds apart. If you still feel uncomfortable on the vehicle after the training session it would be your choice as to whether you would like to continue with the trail or not. Our trail guides may however request that you reconsider if they feel that you would put yourself at unreasonable risk.

The trail guide's call is final and we would rather not do the trail (if the other participants would so choose) and give you back your money as there is no price high enough for your safety.


Trail Control


This forms a very important part of the safety aspect of the trail. Because the trails are challenging it is important to listen to the trail guide. We also have a set of trail rules aimed at ensuring your safety and minimizing environmental impact. Stick to the rules and have a fun, but safe, ride!


ZAR350 per person.





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